Please, take a few seconds to read this
Hi everyone!
I just wanted to tell you all that i’m leaving.
Tumblr was fun for a few months in my life when i felt sad, lonely and i needed friends online (and 5 virtual boyfriends to cheer me up!), but then i realized how much i was dumb to spend that much time on this website... it was like an addiction, a drug, i was thinking about it all the time, i spent nights and days on it, i got really bad grades because of it and i spent less time with my real life friends and family because of freaking tumblr so i’m done with it! I also deeply hate how blogging became some kind of competition..
People are rude to others, which is something i CAN’T stand.
You guys should never forget that the bitchy ”famous” bloggers are just losers cause they spend their lives on Internet, being mean to other human beings and enjoying it.
So yeah. Basically, i’m not properly deleting cause i want my url to stay mine and i also want to keep my askbox open. I'll log in sometimes to stay in touch with people and with the amazing friends i made, but i deleted everything else so i won’t be tempted to come back.
Feel free to unfollow me, but please, try not to forget me!
Oh, and i kept a link for some of my friends in the amazing group i created ;). Go check them out.
You guys need to know that i love all of you so much and you made my year better, you guys are the only things that made my experience on tumblr something positive and i will never ever forget you. i love you all so much and i wish the best to all of you! xx
(english is not my first language, sorry if i'm not a poet haha)